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The Elite Competitor Program

Moms - give me a nod if any of these sound like your daughter...

👉🏻 Can't shake it off when she makes a mistake

👉🏻 Compares herself to others

👉🏻 Plays great in practice, then falls apart in games

👉🏻 Doubts herself

👉🏻 Is way too hard on herself

👉🏻 Is a perfectionist

👉🏻 Fears failure

👉🏻 Lacks confidence

👉🏻 Isn't having fun in her sport like she used to

That nod also tells me that you already know her mental game is to blame. As a mom, it is so hard to watch your daughter struggle on the court or field. (Half the time you're just hoping for a good game so the car ride home isn't so miserable... gosh, I hear you!)

You want to help but worry you'll say the wrong thing and feel like you're pushing her. It's really challenging to help your daughter see what you see in her.

You just wish she would believe in herself as much as you believe in her. That she'd have a positive mindset and see the things she does well. You want her to be happy and enjoy her sport.

Well... You're in the right place, at the right time. I'm so glad we found each other!

Hi, I'm Coach Bre!

Together, we will build your daughter's confidence & mental game so her sport makes her not breaks her!

It's time to follow a proven method that takes the guesswork out of developing her confidence & mental game... just like these athletes (& their moms) did.

I'm just going to be blunt for a sec...

if you're currently using any of these common approaches to try to help you daughter - they don't work. You're wasting precious time in your daughter's sports journey.

Using Google University for tips to help her recover from mistakes, create a positive mindset, stop being so hard on herself & more

Do you remember the game "Whack-A-Mole"?! That's what you're doing when you test out random, disconnected ideas... trying to solve for one issue, while another pops up. You need a proven and comprehensive method that builds upon itself to ensure results.

Expecting your daughter's mental game will improve with more experience

Just like she won't learn math over time, she won't learn mental skills over time... unless she is taught. Your daughter needs the opportunity to learn & develop these vital mental skills. Don't let any more time go by... get started NOW so she has time to learn, practice, and see results.

Expecting your daughter's coach will teach her these skills

I've been a head high school coach for over 10 years; I know firsthand that the mental game isn't included in most coach training programs (I had to seek it out myself). So, you can't leave her development in the hands of her coach. As her mom, you can take responsibility for this yourself. Which is exactly why you're here! We've got you covered!

Imagine what it will feel like when:

YOU know exactly what to say and do before, during, and after her competitions to best support her.

Your daughter has the SKILLS to overcome limiting beliefs, bounce back from mistakes, let go of perfectionism & comparison, perform under pressure, be a better teammate & leader, and so much more.

You see the sparkle in her eye, happiness and joy as she plays a sport she has always loved.

Your daughter's sport makes her, not breaks her.

What's it worth to feel peace of mind while following a proven method to strengthen your athlete daughter's mental game?

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Here's what it's meant to others...

Now I bounce back from mistakes so much quicker. Instead of thinking about it and letting it affect me, I don't let it affect any of my next plays. I'm also able to build my team up because I have more confidence.

Amelia Wheeler

High School Athlete

Your passion, talents, experience, and programs are needed by young women and are already making a difference for our family. I feel like I've been given a gift that will keep on giving for my girls. Thank you!

Bonnie Thacker

Mom of Melissa, Middle School Athlete

Her confidence on the soccer field has grown immensely and almost immediately... She went out on the field and was a different player. At least four parents asked me what we were doing differently.

Jen Gross

Mom of Ava, Middle School Athlete

Now I know how to deal with negative comments from myself and by others. I have a ritual that I can access that allows my mind to reset and stay mentally tough. I don’t allow myself to let other people’s words get to me and affect how I play.

Gabriella Imburgia

High School Athlete

Strengthening your daughter's mental game is


for her to show up with a competitive edge in her sport and self-assurance throughout all aspects of her life.

But how can you truly help strengthen her mental game, when you're not sure what to say or do?

It's actually a lot simpler than you may think - by following the right strategy and step by step guidance.

In The Elite Competitor Program, she'll implement our proven Unstoppable Athlete Method to get results!

The Unstoppable Athlete Method

The only method of its kind, designed to quickly strengthen the athlete mindset and develop confidence in her sport... and life!


Overcome Mistakes... she'll end her fear of messing up and start bouncing back quickly!

Release The Pressure... she'll let go of comparison, perfectionism & anxiousness

Flip Her Negative Mindset... she'll start noticing the positives and greatly improve her self-talk

By the end of The Elite Competitor Program, your daughter can overcome:

Fear of Failure

Fear of What Others Think

Fear of Success

Fear of Mistakes

Negative Self Talk

Inconsistent Performance

Crumbing Under Pressure

Not Playing to Potential

Nerves and Anxiousness



This goes well beyond sports!

And you'll know exactly what to say and do before, during, and after her competitions to build her up!

Let's take a look at what's inside each week of The Elite Competitor Program...

Athletes learn right up front what's possible for them as they complete the work inside this program. We explain why our method works so well and the types of results she can expect in her sport... and life!

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Next, she'll start discovering the athlete she truly wants to be... that's just waiting inside for her to release her! She'll also learn how to better accept support from her parents and others.

In week 2 we set big dreams, intentional goals, and get out of our comfort zones in order to grow. We start to scratch the surface of how powerful our minds are and begin new habits and routines to move us towards our vision! She'll even make her own vision board!

Next, we take a deep dive into how our thoughts lay the foundation for all the results we get in life. We learn how to access our subconscious brain through visualization, affirmations, mindfulness, and breathing so that we can create the results that we desire.

Building off of week 3, we dive into the thoughts that hold us back. The ones that have been so ingrained in us, that sometimes we aren't even aware of them! We learn how to identify limiting beliefs and change the story for ourselves to get closer to our goals!

In week 5, we discover the link between confidence and our moment to moment inner dialogue. We take inventory of our own self talk - what’s working, and what’s hurting performance. And then learn the four types of self-talk needed to develop confidence on and off the court!

Athletes learn to reframe failure as something that is bringing them closer to their goals rather than further away. They uncover the situations that derail them the most in their performance. And then learn and implement a failure recovery system that allows them to bounce back from mistakes in seconds!

In week 7, we establish pre-game and post-game routines as well as identify their "hype" number so they're at the right level of hype before stepping on the court/field. Then, turn pressure into motivation with specific strategies to handle nerves and to ensure consistent performance every time we play.

Athletes discover what causes perfectionism and identify signs of perfectionistic tendencies. They understand the difference between perfectionism and having high goals and standards. And learn the steps to achieving a healthy relationship with striving without having to rely on perfectionism.

If your athlete compares yourself to others... congrats, she's normal! During week 9, we learn that it’s not about whether or not we compare, it’s about what she does with it! Comparison and jealousy can actually be useful in pursuit of our goals - it all depends on how we frame it. Athletes learn how to turn comparison into motivation.

Athletes discover how to reframe stress as a key to becoming a resilient athlete. Then, learn the process to navigate stress in a healthy way so they can perform consistently and tackle anything that comes their way. Finally, they create their own game plan to relieve stress and and allow it to lead them closer to their goals.

Over the 10 weeks inside the program, athletes will make tremendous strides. Most parents see a shift pretty immediately. The great thing about this material is that it grows with your daughter... as she encounters new challenges and levels-up, the learnings will mean something new to her. We talk about how to revisit the material and how to continue incorporating the learnings and developing her skills.

* PLUS *

I'm throwing in some BONUSES to ensure both of you are fully supported throughout our 10 weeks together!


*Members Only* Athlete Monthly Level-Up Group Coaching Calls


Deepen your daughter's incorporation of the method while she sees that she's not alone in her experiences.

We provide tangible coaching that is positive and empowering, and athletes grow through listening to the questions asked by their peers.

Calls occur 2 times per month and we always send the replays. Athletes do not need to attend in order to get results in this program... calls are just a bonus! 😍

(valued at $450)


Powerful Pep Talks Game Plan for Sports Moms


Take the guesswork out of what to say to your daughter before, during, and after her competitions with this 4 part workshop to build your own personalized game plan.

Cindy recently told us:

"When I told my daughter about this training she said, "Good! Can Dad watch it too!" I said, "Absolutely, we both want to be better sports parents for you." It was a good moment. Thanks for helping us all. 😊"

(valued at $499)


*Members Only* Sports Moms Inner Circle


An invitation to join our exclusive sports moms community while you're in the program, where you'll find advice, strategy, guest speakers, and a bunch of other sports moms who 'get it' (like you do!)

Plus, bi-weekly trainings and monthly Zoom calls together.

(valued at $997)


How To Rise Above Teammate Drama & How To Thrive Under Challenging Coaches
[Training Bundle]


Ensure she's having fun and loving her sport!

Specific step-by-step strategies on what to say & when you should step in. Your daughter will control what's in her control, learn a framework for talking to her coach, and so much more!

You'll both confidently navigate these challenging situations... that all athletes encounter at some point!

(valued at $299)

Here's what's included in
The Elite Competitor Program when you join today:

Lifetime Access to Our Proven Unstoppable Athlete Method Trainings for Athletes & Moms
(valued at $2,987)

BONUS: Athlete 2x/Month Level-Up Group Coaching Calls
(valued at $450)

BONUS: Sports Moms Powerful Pep Talks Game Plan 
4-part Workshop
(valued at $499)

BONUS: Sports Moms Inner Circle Community & Bi-Weekly Trainings

(valued at $997)

How To Rise Above Teammate Drama & How To Thrive Under Challenging Coaches [Training Bundle]
(valued at $299)


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Are you ready to strengthen your athlete daughter's mental game so she believes in herself as much as you believe in her?!

Awesome! This program is basically everything I wish I would have known when I was growing up as an athlete... and that I wish my mom would have had, too.
Now, as a previous collegiate athlete, a head volleyball coach, and a certified Elite Competitor™ coach, I am honored to serve so many young women and their moms through this program.

I'll see you on the inside! 

💜 Coach Bre

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Spring 2023 Special Enrollment Is Now Open!


The complete mental training system for your female athlete(s) to:

✓ Build Her Confidence & Strengthen Her Mental Game

✓ Shake-Off Mistakes Quickly

✓ Stop Comparing Herself & Being So Critical

✓ Level-Up Performance To Reach Her Goals

... while ensuring YOU know what to say & do to best support her!

The Elite Competitor Program

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